All operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Meet your extraction team.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new tactical co-op FPS set in the Rainbow Six universe, pitting several of the operators from the popular competitive multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege against an evolving alien threat instead of against each other.

For each mission, a team of three players will each select an operator and fight through containment zones that get progressively more challenging, completing objectives and supporting each other throughout. Failing to extract with your operator will make them unplayable until you successfully mount a rescue mission with another operator.

At the time of launch, 18 specialized operators from R6 Siege will be available to choose from, all of them with a unique ability and the option to customize their weapons and gadgets before deploying. Here are all of the playable operators from Rainbow Six Extraction.


Doc is one of the support operators. He has a Health Shots special ability that lets him fire a Stim Pistol to heal allies for 20 health. He can also use the Stim Pistol to revive himself or downed teammates.


Ela is a fast, aggressive operator with the Grzmot Mine special ability. Her special ability lets her throw sticky proximity mines to any surface. The mines detonate when an enemy gets too close, stunning them. They recharge over time.


Pulse is a support operator who provides intel to the group via scans. He can detect VIPs, MIAs, and Nests through obstacles using his Cardiac Sensor special ability. He has a very low armor rating, so he’s not for charging into dangerous scenarios.


Alibi is a recon operator who can lure in enemies with her Prisma special ability. Prisma lets her throw decoys that attract all enemies in the ability’s radius, and any enemies that attack her decoys become marked as scanned. She also has a low armor rating.


Finka is another support operator who can boost the team’s reflexes and can revive allies. Her Adrenal Surge boosts the group’s team response and survival, and can also revive downed teammates while preventing them from getting knocked out.


Hibana is an offensive, breach operator with an explosive special ability. Her ability, X-Kairos, fires explosives that are detonated via remote and stick to any surface. Her explosives also ignore enemy armor or carapace.


Rook is a support operator who provides armor to the whole team. He drops a pack of armor plates for the team with his special ability. The armor he drops increases damage resistance and anyone wearing armor only gets downed when they would usually get knocked out.


Nomad is the space-maker operator whose special ability is designed to make space between the squad and enemies. Her Airjab Launcher shoots a repulsion mine that knocks back enemies while also clearing the area of hazards, like the toxic floor surface that appears frequently in tougher contamination zones.


Gridlock is a trapper operator. Her special ability is called Trax Stingers, which is a deployable trap that damages and slows any enemies caught in it. She has a slow speed rating but decent armor.


Capitão is a ranged utility operator. His Tactical Crossbow can fire two different kinds of bolts: a smokescreen bolt and a venomous bolt, both of which detonate on impact.


Tachanka is a heavy weapons and heavy armor operator. His special ability lets him deploy a mounted LMG that anyone on the team can use.


Smoke is a gas grenade operator. His special ability is his Remote Gas Grenades, which are throwable, remotely detonated Z9 grenades that deal damage to any enemy caught in the gas.


Fuze is a bomber operator. His special ability is his Cluster Charge, which is a remotely detonated charge placed on a wall that fires cluster grenades through the wall and out the other side.


Sledge is a brute force operator. His special ability is naturally his tactical sledgehammer, which can stun enemies and break open walls.


Vigil is a recon operator with high stealth potential. His special ability is an ERC-8 Disruptor, which disrupts the enemies around him and makes him undetectable for a short amount of time. It can be used multiple times between cooldowns.


IQ is a recon operator. His special ability is the Red MK IV Spectre, a scanner that can detect REACT Equipment through walls and obstacles. REACT equipment can include grenades, recon drones, and more.


Lion is a motion sensor operator. His special ability is the EE-One-D Drone, which detects all moving areas in the area for a short duration. It can be used multiple times between cooldowns.


Jäger is a sentry operator. His special ability is Active Defense, which deploys an automated turret with three rounds on it. The turret attacks and intercepts projectiles in the air.