Rainbow Six Siege’s next operation is called New Dawn

Get ready for a new operator.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft gave fans their first look at Operation New Dawn, the next operation coming to Rainbow Six Siege, today. The short clip doesn’t provide much information, but fans already have theories about what to expect from the next operation. 

The short clip displays the Operation New Dawn title below a flower created by moving neon lines on a smokey background. This doesn’t provide any concrete information on what operator or changes will be introduced, but a previous leak offers more insight. 

In June, a leak revealed the operators coming in Year Five, season three and four, including Scout, who was officially revealed to be Sam “Zero” Fischer. The leak also revealed the Hard Breach Charge, which was introduced alongside Zero in Operation Shadow Legacy. 

The second leaked operator is called Aruni and features a unique gadget that allows her to place a grid of lasers in a doorway that damages enemies. Fans believe the laser-created flower in the New Dawn clip indicates that Aruni is the next operator coming in the new operation. 

Aruni also has a prosthetic arm that allows her to create huge holes in breakable surfaces, according to the leaks. Players can use this ability to create lines of sight and to eliminate unsuspecting enemies. 

Operation New Dawn will be officially revealed before the EU Mini-Major’s grand finals on Nov. 8 at 11am CT. Fans can expect a full look at the new operator and will learn if the previous leaks were accurate.