Rainbow Six Siege leak shows first look at Year 5 season 3 and 4 operators

Players have a lot to look forward to in the rest of Y5.

Image via Ubisoft

A new leak is giving Rainbow Six Siege players their first glimpse of the new operators coming in Year Five seasons three and four. The new attacker may have ties to another famous Tom Clancy character and the new defender has a powerful loadout with a new gadget. 


Scout is the new attacker coming in Y5S3, according to the leak. Ubisoft has not officially revealed where Scout is from as his country of origin is listed as classified in the Year 5 Road Map. The character model does give some hint about the character, however, and he is likely from the same unit as Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. 

Sam Fisher is the iconic antagonist of the Splinter video games and novels. The character exists in the same universe as Rainbow Six Siege, so a crossover would make sense. Scout is likely a part of Third Echelon, a top secret branch within the NSA where Sam Fisher was a former operative. 

Scout also has the iconic three-lens night vision goggles on his backpack and a SC3000K assault rifle which were both featured in the Splinter Cell series. 

Scout has a unique gadget that allows him to fire cameras which burrow themselves into walls. He can remotely operate the cameras and fire projectiles at defending players. This gadget allows Attackers to get more information before pushing into a building and potentially finish off injured enemies. 

Scout also has a MP7 in his loadout and a 5.7 USG handgun as a secondary weapon. He can select from a grenade or claymore as his gadget.


Aruni is a new defender expected to be released during Y5S4. She has a new unique ability that allows her to place a grid of lasers in a doorway that damages enemies. Aruni has three of these new gadgets and can cover multiple entrances with ease. 

Aruni also has a prosthetic arm which allows her to create huge holes in breakable surfaces with ease. She can create lines of sight to get the drop on unsuspecting players or can create an opening for her team to rotate. 

Aruni has a P10 Roni submachine gun or a MK 14 EBR as her options for a primary weapon. She has the PRB92 Handgun as her secondary weapon and can select from barbed wire or a bullet proof camera as her gadget. 

Secondary Hard Breacher

Fans can also expect a new gadget called the Secondary Hard Breacher at some point this year. The new item can be deployed on breakable surfaces and creates a small circular hole players can use as a new line of sight. 

It is unclear which operators will have access to this gadget, but a few older operators may receive it as a small update. 

The new leaked operators have a lot of exciting new features, but fans should remember that it is all subject to change. Ubisoft has not released any official information on these characters and they will likely receive more updates before being released.