Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge operators revealed

Players can expect two new unique characters.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft released a Rainbow Six Siege teaser trailer today that introduced two new operators featured in Operation Void Edge.

Fans of Siege can look forward to two new operators being added in the upcoming operation. The new operation was revealed earlier this week on Twitter, but no other information was provided. The two new characters were leaked a few days ago in a Reddit post, which claims their names are Yana and Oryx.

The trailer shows Yana walking on the moon, which may support the fan theory that her gadget will be a controllable hologram. The last shot of Yana also shows her disappear briefly in a yellow haze, which may hint at how the gadget will function.

Oryx can be seen running through a wall in the video, which has led some fans to call him the Kool-Aid Man. His gadget might simply let him break through unfortified walls and surprise enemies. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed what appears to be the map Fortress in the background of the trailer, which may be hinting at a rework of the map.

There’s no other concrete information on the new operators right now. Fans will have to wait for the full reveal for more information. Fans can also expect more news on the possible Tachanka rework, which was hinted at with a change to his in-game bio.

The full reveal will take place at the Six Invitational on Feb. 15. Operation Void Edge will be live across all platforms on March 9.