Rainbow Six Siege EU servers experiencing issues

Hundreds of players are encountering problems.

Image via Ubisoft

European Rainbow Six Siege players are dealing with connectivity issues today when trying to play the game. Ubisoft is aware of the issue and working on resolving the problem. 

Ubisoft confirmed there are ongoing connectivity issues with the EU servers and that it’s investigating the cause of the problem. It’s also working with third-party partners to fix the problem in a timely manner. 

Players are experiencing issues when logging into the game and when they search for a match. Other players have reported being kicked from matches and receiving a ban for leaving early as a result. This could potentially cause players to derank or receive a lengthy ban, so be careful when searching for a match right now. 

Siege fans have experienced a lot of issues over the past few months. The game was the target of extensive DDoS attacks, which caused connection issues around the world. There was also a recent cheat that allowed players to kick others from matches for an easy win. 

Ubisoft eventually released a hotfix to resolve the issue. It also added a 25 percent renown bonus weekend to try to make it up to the player base. 

Players can look forward to the Operation Steel Wave release scheduled for next week. But they’ll likely hope that there won’t be the same issues present at launch. 

Ubisoft has not released a time frame for when the EU server issues will be fixed. Fans will have to wait for another update from the developer and hope for a quick recovery.