Rainbow Six Quarantine test footage leaks online

More than an hour of footage was streamed from an open technical test.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Quarantine has been in development for a couple of years now, and with Ubisoft recently announcing the title would launch under a different name due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic last month, fans were expecting more news soon. 

Although it didn’t come from Ubisoft, roughly 75 minutes of gameplay from a technical test for the game has been leaked online, with Quarantine being replaced by Parasite in the title. 

The gameplay, which was streamed live on Facebook Gaming by someone claiming to have been directly invited to the PC technical test, showcases what appears to be most of the core gameplay. The video almost exclusively shows an early version of the game’s tutorial, however, so it shouldn’t be considered a proper representation of what a normal story mission will look like. 

As expected, players will mostly be playing PvE scenarios against various alien enemies, where they must complete objectives to progress to the next mission. The main aliens are called Archaeans, and there appears to be multiple zones on each map that scale in difficulty and will likely provide better rewards if your team survives entering them. 

Most of the gameplay looks very similar to R6 and includes several operators from that game, though it looks like new mechanics like stat ratings will be included along with their special abilities. The survival aspect doesn’t get a lot of time to shine in the leaked footage, but being quiet and efficient is clearly the goal based on how many options the game appears to offer when approaching each scenario. 

The footage has since been uploaded to YouTube, with most of the comments bashing the streamer for breaking the NDA or commenting about how boring the game looks. 

The streamer who initially leaked the footage was suspended for 24 hours from the test “for cheating,” though it is unclear if Ubisoft has already made moves to take further action against them.

This is also not the first time footage from the game has leaked, as some short footage and images leaked last month too.

Following previous leaks and details surrounding the name change, Ubisoft released a statement, confirming the footage is real but noting Parasite is not the official name of the game and is only a placeholder. 

“While we recently shared that we will be changing the name of Rainbow Six Quarantine, ‘Parasite’ is only a placeholder that our internal teams use,” Ubisoft said in a statement to PCGamesN. “Recently, we ran an internal test for the game and some of its details became public. We can confirm this is a glimpse of the upcoming game, and we will share more details, including the official name, soon.”

Quarantine was delayed last October and is now set to release later this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S.