Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay video reportedly leaked online

It shows an escort mode with several objectives to complete.

Image via Ubisoft

As the long wait to see what Rainbow Six Quarantine has to offer is reaching its end, more leaks seemingly have been posted online. A user shared a short footage video from the game and another posted a screengrab earlier today.

Although the video is short, it shows a lot of information, such as the user interface, several characters, a weapon, some elements of gameplay, and a specific game mode.

The video features a player in the shoes of Vigil in a squad with Lion and Tachanka, who are all operators from Rainbow Six Siege. They’re on a map called Workshop and Vigil shoots a sack filled with parasites. It’s unclear what it is, but it could be an element making enemies spawn or spread a sort of virus if not destroyed.

Another internet user has reportedly shared a leaked screengrab of the game on the license’s subreddit. Although it gives some hints as to what the game will offer, the image isn’t clear. It shows another character from Rainbow Six Siege, Lion, during an escort game mode.

Based on these leaks, it looks like Ubisoft’s next game will be similar to Rainbow Six Siege with agents adapted to the game and similar loadouts. In particular, they’ll likely keep their unique gadgets, but they might be adjusted to fit the PvE game.

Earlier this month, a leak revealed that the next game in the Rainbow Six franchise was Rainbow Six Parasite, showing internal discussions where the developer used it. But Ubisoft then said the leak was false and the name was only used in internal discussions without being linked to the game’s official name, which is Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Initially scheduled to be released in 2020, Rainbow Six Quarantine was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its release is now expected for this year, but Ubisoft has yet to reveal a launch window.

If these leaks turn out to be verified, it could hint at a beta test being available soon, however.