Potential new Kapkan bug is killing allies in Rainbow Six Siege

Kapkan players, beware.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

A new Kapkan bug may have surfaced on Reddit today. The bug causes Kapkan’s Entry Denial Devices (EDD) to trigger when a friendly player crosses the tripwire. 

Kapkan is no stranger to bugs. The operator’s gadget has seen its fair share of audio and visual bugs. Past issues have been innocuous enough and haven’t really led to any massive overhauls, but the potential recently-discovered bug is a different story.

The clip clearly shows the trap triggering when the Kapkan player passes through the threshold that the EDD is attached to. It’s hard to see any alternative explanations as to what triggered the device. There was no visible debris in the clip and no other players directly in line with the tripwire. Furthermore, the EDD is fastened on a threshold that’s perpendicular to an unbreakable surface.

Operation Ember Rise has been a bit rougher than expected with Goyo’s shield issues and DDoS attacks. If this Kapkan bug is widespread, then the season could morph from a promising addition to the game into another troubled period for players. Playing Ranked has already been tough with the DDoSing and Goyo issues with the RFF, so another massive bug like this to one of the most prominent trap operators is sure to irritate fans across the board. 

At time of writing, there haven’t been any more public posts with evidence to support the claim that there’s a new Kapkan bug. Players who experience bugs, glitches, or exploits are always encouraged to report them to Ubisoft at their earliest convenience. Ubisoft even created the Bug Hunter Program to incentivize players to participate in bug reporting. 

Operation Ember Rise launched Sept. 11 and has seen some mixed reception. Ubisoft has done a great job of providing transparent updates to fans and taking an appropriate level of action when dealing with DDoS attacks. This Kapkan bug could just an isolated incident that won’t add to Ubisoft’s workload this season, however.