Rainbow Six Siege players experiencing high levels of DDoS attacks

Welp, here we go again.

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Ember Rise has proven to be a let down for several reasons, but one of the most frustrating issues that’s returned to Rainbow Six Siege is the high volume of DDoS attacks. 

A DDoS attack occurs when someone floods a specific address with an extreme amount of traffic to jam up and deny service to those who are attempting to use the server as intended. The result in Siege is an extremely slow server or a complete crash.

It’s fairly evident when a player is getting DDoSed. The clip below shows a player experiencing insanely high ping on the right side of the scoreboard.

The issue is that there’s no reliable way to play Ranked in Rainbow Six Siege right now. The season just launched on Sept. 11 and fans may have to deal with this for the foreseeable future. With the addition of the new rank “Champion,” hardcore players may be hindered from achieving their goal due to DDoS attacks. While this issue is nothing new for Siege players, it’s almost an inevitability at the launch of new seasons. 

The issue doesn’t seem to be contained to Ranked mode this time around, however. Some players have reported experiencing DDoS attacks in Casual and the new Unranked mode as well. The occurrence of a DDoS attack in Unranked or Casual just seems pathetic on the abuser’s end. There’s literally nothing to gain by DDoSing in Casual or Unranked.

Ubisoft hasn’t addressed the new attacks but has a team dedicated to these issues, according to the Ubisoft website. Between the issues with Goyo and now the high volume of DDoS attacks, Operation Ember Rise hasn’t enjoyed a successful launch. Having second thoughts about playing Ranked mode at the beginning of the season isn’t the sign of a healthy game or community.

Operation Ember Rise launched on Sept. 11 and was looked to be a vast improvement over the previous season, Phantom Sight. Players can log in to play the new season now, but their level of enjoyment is seemingly up to luck and who they run into on the servers.