Ubisoft investigating Goyo and RFF interactions to prevent griefing in R6

Maybe hold off on reinforcing until all the Volcáns are in place.

Image via Ubisoft

The launch of Operation Ember Rise in Rainbow Six Siege was almost a success, but some issues with Goyo have given Ubisoft cause to take a second look at how the operator interacts with the environment around him. 

Ember Rise was expected to be one of the more promising seasons of Siege in recent memory. Operation Phantom Sight left a sour taste in many players’ mouths and it looked like the egregious bugs and exploits would be a thing of the past with Ember Rise. But players aren’t even able to use the newest defender, Goyo, without getting griefed or accidentally banned.

Goyo’s Volcán Shields are causing the Reverse Friendly Fire system (RFF) to trigger, which results in the player who triggered the Volcán to be marked by the RFF. Given the amount of damage the Volcáns can deal, the RFF system will likely ban the player who triggered it, regardless of whether it was an accident. 

The issue didn’t seem to appear on the Test Server (TS). Ubisoft is now actively looking into the problem, according to a response on Reddit. There doesn’t seem to be a fix date in mind, but this should be at the top of the list since the operator could reach Clash levels of brokenness due to griefing. 

Players getting penalized or banned because a Goyo decides to attach their Volcán to a wall that a teammate is reinforcing is absurd. To be banned, even if temporary, for being a good teammate is a huge slap in the face, especially in the clip above where the operator banned is a Mira. Whether it’s intentional doesn’t change how frustrating it must be for players who are being unjustly punished. 

Ember Rise hasn’t been what the community thought it would be. After Phantom Sight, fans were looking forward to a more polished experience at launch. Ubisoft is working on a fix, but with no estimated time of arrival, players will either have to ban Goyo from play in Unranked and Ranked or pray that the Goyo on their team is aware and trustworthy. There’s a “joke” that involves banning the newest operators on the TS and then in Ranked when the season launches, but it looks like a necessity more than anything else now. 

Operation Ember Rise launched on Sept. 11 on all platforms and has a lot to offer. If Ubisoft can fix the Goyo issue, then it might be able to turn the perception of this season around.