Everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shifting Tides

Here's all the Operation Shifting Tides information in one place.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Operation Shifting Tides has finally been revealed and with it comes some monumental changes.

Here’s everything we know about Operation Shifting Tides. 

The operators

Fans got their first look at the upcoming operators in a massive leak that hit gaming forum ResetEra last week. The leak mentioned an attacker with a bolt-action rifle and a defender with an ability similar to Jӓger’s Magpie Trophy System. As it turns out, these operators have more to them than the leak previously suggested. 

Ubisoft released a gadget teaser that revealed both upcoming operator’s names while also giving fans a great look into their respective gadgets. This type of gadget teaser seems to be the new status quo given that Operation Ember Rise also had a gadget teaser that revealed quite a bit of insight into how each operator functions. Fans had known for some time now that the Y4S4 operators would hail from Kenya and India. The ResetEra leak confirmed that the Indian attacker would be female and the Kenyan defender would be male, which keeps with Siege’s tradition of releasing one female and one male operator per season.

The Indian attacker’s name is Kali. She’ll have access to the CSRX 300 rifle that’s capable of penetrating two soft walls. We’re not talking small bullet holes, either—this rifle rips massive holes in soft walls that look a lot like the damage that Buck’s Skeleton Key deals. Kali’s unique gadget is a hybrid of Hibana and Ash since it’s a projectile fired from an under-mounted launcher that’s capable of drilling through an electrified reinforced wall and detonating to breach. 

Kali has access to the C75 Auto used by Vigil and Dokkaebi, as well as the SAS favored P226 MK-25 handgun. Breaching Charges and a Claymore round out her kit, making her a backline operator.

We now know that Ubisoft intends for Kali to be an alternative operator in case Thatcher is banned. The developers showcased footage of her Explosive Lance during the official reveal in which Kali destroys Bandit Batteries and Evil Eyes. Kali was also designed to cover entry fraggers and support teammates from afar. This seems to be a response to Glaz switching to an entry fragger role before being subsequently nerfed into oblivion.

The Kenyan defender is named Wamai and he’ll serve as the competition to Jӓger’s Magpie Trophy System. The gadget didn’t get as much screen time in the teaser but clearly forms a magnetic field that’s capable of capturing, suspending, and eating throwables such as grenades. The Mag-Net’s area of effect is massive but is balanced by being a one-time use gadget, which is the key difference between the Magpies and the Mag-Nets.

Wamai’s loadout is recycled from past operators. Fans shouldn’t panic just yet since Wamai has access to the AUG A2 and the MP5K as primaries. The AUG A2 is strong on attack and the MP5K has been a solid workhorse for Mute. Secondaries here are a bit more interesting, though. Wamai has access to the Rhino D-40 used by Alibi and Maestro, as well as the P-12. He’ll roll out with Barbed Wire and a Deployable Shield to round out his kit.

The operator is interesting since Jӓger has gone unchallenged in this department since the launch of the game in 2015. Having two operators that are capable of dealing with throwables will definitely boost defender’s odds in a late match or rush scenarios unless there’s an IQ or Thatcher around. 

The map

While there’s no new map this season, there’s something just as exciting coming down the pipeline for players. The long-awaited Theme Park rework will also be dropping in Operation Shifting Tides. 

Theme Park launched with Operation Blood Orchid, the season that directly followed the frustrating Operation Health. While the map was initially well-received by the community, its flaws became extremely apparent when put into a competitive scenario. Dark corners, inconsistent lighting, and some player discomfort quickly took the map down several pegs. 

Ubisoft has focused on player comfort by shrinking the map size a considerable amount. The entire midsection of the second floor known commonly as “Train” has been gutted from the map. This portion of the map had previously eaten up a ton of space and also made it difficult for attackers to flush out roamers who might be lurking in the shadowy corners of the train cars. The removal of Train should allow attackers not to be stalled out and it should make for easier late-match rotations on both ends.

It’s been a whole season since the map was in full rotation, and with the successful launch of the Kafe and Kanal reworks, fans will have a lot to explore when this map reenters the fold. 

The limb penetration system

Limb penetration is coming to Siege, and while it may not seem like the most exciting change, it’s going to be a game-changer. Nearly every player has experienced being denied a headshot due to an enemy’s character model raising their hand to block their faces. The mechanic feels cheap and as if it’s designed to rob the player of a headshot.

Ubisoft is remedying the issue with the inclusion of a new penetration system that will allow players to shoot through opponents’ limbs. The new system is fairly complex, too. Weapons are categorically placed into varying degrees of penetration since it’d be unfair for all weapons to behave the same. It’s safe to say that the stun animation won’t be saving players from a headshot now.

For a detailed breakdown of the new penetration system, fans can visit here.

With the Test Server for Operation Shifting Tides now live, fans can expect some more updates in the near future as the developers gather information and feedback from players.