Rainbow Six Y4S4 operators leak ahead of Japan Finals

Seems like more of the same, seems like something totally different.

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The tradition of Rainbow Six Siege operators leaking just before their reveal continues with the Y4S4 Indian attacker and Kenyan defender. 

It’s basically a tradition at this point for the Siege community to get their first round of information on upcoming seasons and operators via resetera. The leaker has an incredibly accurate track record when it comes to leaking information and has been on a hot streak since before Operation Burnt Horizon. This time around, the leaker has given fans more than enough information to chew on ahead of the season reveal. 

The Indian attacker will roll out with “a grenade launcher that fires a device which charges up and destroys gadgets around it,” according to the leak. “Also she has a bolt action rifle.”

A few things stick out about the attacker. Perhaps the most glaringly troublesome aspect of this initial leak is the bolt action rifle. The developers have a hard enough time getting Glaz to work and he’s been around since Jump Street, so this seems like the dev team is actively opening themselves up to some pre-mature criticism. Other notable aspects that stick out are the confirmation of a female attacker and that her gadget can clear multiple gadgets. The launcher seems suited to have some kind of Area of Effect radius, although, it sounds like the player may be able to control this via the “charge” part of the leak. This attacker is reminiscent of a more broad-spectrum version of Thatcher. 

As for the Kenyan defender, he may be able to act as an alternative to Jӓger, according to the leak. The op is said to have access to a device that “sucks in a grenade at a time and triggers them.” This sounds a bit underwhelming, so the loadout will be of special interest here. 

Interestingly enough, the leak also includes some information regarding Year Five. The leak remains cryptic, much like before when defenders were urged to reinforce hatches on the floor. Their use of “anyone ever watch the commercials with the Kool-Aid man?” is pretty telling that this operator will likely either be physically punching through walls or filling them. It’d be nice to have an operator that can enact the scene on the main cover art of the game for once. 

The post goes onto entertain the idea of a medical drone operator, as well as making Finka a straight-up field medic in the future. These ideas are exciting to think about but the post also says that it’d be wise to temper expectations as a lot of ideas have been shelved due to engine limitations, which is an obvious shame. 

One of the most exciting facets of the leak is that the long-awaited Tachanka rework may be just around the corner. Tachanka is a fundamentally broken operator, as his ability requires him to stay on a mounted turret. Siege has outgrown this type of gadget and has become much more complex than a stationary turret. Seeing the devs finally take Tachanka out of his sad, yet legendary, meme role will be a bittersweet moment for longtime fans of the game. Almost everyone can agree that it’s high time “The Lord” was shown some respect. 

Fans may also be getting a few new gadgets in the near future. The long-rumored Proximity Alarm may come to fruition between now and Year Five, as well as the heavily-debated half-wall reinforcements. Both of these would be game-changers if included in the main game.

Some of the less tantalizing information includes the order of upcoming Elite skins and the ever-frustrating debris issue. It’s said that the order of Elite releases will be Ela, Cav, and then Buck. Leaks of both Cav and Ela’s Elites have made it out there but no images of Buck’s Elite have surfaced as of the time of this article. These images will likely make their way into the wild at some point in the very near future, whether via another leak or an official reveal. If we had to guess, the Buck reveal might be showcased at the Six Invitational 2020. 

With so much information out there about the upcoming Y4S4, fans have a ton to form their theories. The Japan Finals will likely confirm this information, though, it’s always healthy to take leaks with a grain of salt, no matter how reliable the source is. Fans may not have to wait for long, as the Japan Finals are only a week or so away on Nov. 9-10 and a season reveal would make some sense here.

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