PUBG’s newest update adds a replay function

You can now re-watch your matches in real time.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The latest update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ 1.0 test build is now live, and it contains some highly requested features.

The first new feature is a replay function, which has been talked about for some time. When enabled in the game’s options, a full replay of a player’s match will be available at the end of each game.

The replay function records up to one kilometre around the player character, and up to 20 replays in total can be saved. Players can go into the replay and control a camera using keyboard functions to get inside each game and watch it from a number of different angles.

The replay feature should be great for esports teams who want to analyze past matches, or even content creators who want to set up special shots in videos.

PUBG Corp. will also be adding a map selection feature in a further update. Right now, one of the game’s two maps is selected at random at the start of each game—much to the dismay of some players who will then leave the match immediately if it’s not the map they desire.

The developer explained that adding a map selection will split the game’s matchmaking into 12 total modes—factoring in that there are three different team modes and two different perspectives—so the feature won’t be ready right away. Despite the possible technical issues, PUBG Corp. has decided to follow through with what the community wants.

The new update also includes some minor changes to the game, like making the first blue zone smaller on the Miramar map, adding separate keybinds to enable toggle/hold for aiming and aiming down sights, and a number of bug fixes.

PUBG’s 1.0 update is scheduled to hit the live servers next week on Dec. 20.