TSM returns to competitive PUBG

The team released its previous roster two weeks ago.

Image via PUBG Corp.

TSM has already found a new PUBG lineup two weeks after leaving the competitive scene. The organization acquired WTSG’s pro roster for the rest of the year, the team announced earlier today.

Ömer “Iroh” Çakıldeveli and Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon are both returning to TSM after a quick stint on WTSG. Alex “vard” Gouge and Justin “MiracU” McNally, on the other hand, are newcomers to the team and will be making their debuts with one of the biggest names in esports.

Vard, MiracU, and coach Martin “dohfOs” Lundén were all once on Ninjas in Pyjamas’ PUBG squad. The five players were playing well for WTSG throughout 2020 so far, finishing in the top three for all seven events they attended.

Their biggest win in 2020 was at season four of the Global Loot League, where they beat out organizations like Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Shoot to Kill, and Omaken Sports. They also finished the event with 154 totals points and 90 kills.

Meanwhile, former PUBG pros Michael “mykLe” Wake, René “Braexco” Rehling, and Rory “rawryy” Logue have all become content creators and streamers under the TSM brand.

This new roster will make their debut at the DreamHack Spring Showdown on Saturday, May 2.