The PUBG Awards 2019 Fan Favorite winner is an insane 1-vs-3 driving play

WhoBuiltTheArk brought the skills for the top play of last year.

Image via PUBG Corp.

A winner has been crowned in the PUBG Awards 2019 Fan Favorite competition and the people have chosen one of the cooler plays you’ll probably ever see in the battle royale game.

In November, PUBG Corp. tasked the game’s community with sending in their best 30-second clips in different categories. Categories included melee throwing, entertaining mistakes, and Win94 skills. But the Fan Favorite winner might be the best of them all.

Courtesy of Twitch streamer WhoBuiltTheArk, the clip shows him driving around in one of the final circles of the game. He switches to the passenger seat to spray down one opponent, switches back to the driver seat to run down another, and then changes to the passenger seat once more to finish off the final enemy in an insane one-vs-three.

A poll was posted on Jan. 1 with four finalists and WhoBuiltTheArk came away with 34.8 percent of the vote, easily winning the competition—and for good reason.

“I want to take this moment to appreciate every person I’ve met from the PUBG community over the year,” WhoBuiltTheArk said on Twitter. “The friendships I’ve made through this game are priceless and meaningful. I am humbled to be voted the fan favorite by a community I love and by players I respect. Thank you.”

As a reward, WhoBuiltTheArk has won an awesome Golden Lv. 3 Helmet Trophy, as well as some in-game swag to show off that he’s the champion.