Shoot to Kill, Soniqs, and Oath Gaming headline PUBG Continental Series 3: NA grand finals

The top three teams are all fighting for a second title.

Image via PUBG

The three biggest names in North American PUBG are leading the way for the region heading into the grand finals of the PUBG Continental Series Three on Nov. 5.

Shoot to Kill looks at the top of their game after finishing the group stage in first place with 319 points and earning four of the six group stage prizes. Only the Susquehanna Soniqs came close to matching STK, taking the final two awards and finishing in second with 307 points. 

Now those two teams and Oath Gaming are going to battle it out with 13 other teams to be the first NA organization to win a second PCS title during the season. 

It won’t be easy, especially after Zenith E-Sports bounced back with a strong round three and Dodge continue to perform well to close out the opening event in the top five. Other squads like Team Veritas, Guadalajara Gascan, and Houston Hardshifts also had some strong moments and will be looking to take home their first PCS title. 

Here is every team that qualified for the grand finals after three weeks of intense group stage action, in the order that they placed. 

  1. Shoot To Kill
  2. Susquehanna Soniqs
  3. Oath Gaming
  4. Zenith E-Sports 
  5. Dodge 
  6. Houston Hardshifts
  7. Team Veritas 
  8. DUEL
  9. Illusion
  10. Comets
  11. Guadalajara Gascans
  12. Any Trolls in Chat 
  13. The Rumblers
  14. Tactical 8
  15. One Eye Open
  16. Fabled 

Here is how the group stage awards broke down, with the top two seeds sweeping them and STK’s Luke “luke12” Newey holding all four of them for his team. 

Award$ USDPlayerTeam
Most Kills$500Luke12Shoot To Kill
Most Assists$500TGLTNSusquehanna Soniqs
Most Knockdowns$500Luke12Shoot To Kill
Most Damage$500Luke12Shoot To Kill
Community-voted MVP$500Luke12Shoot To Kill
Most WWCD$500N/ASusquehanna Soniqs

Matches for PCS3: NA’s grand finals will run in alternating dates from Nov. 5 to 6, Nov. 12 to 13, and Nov. 19 to 20, with the winning team taking home at least $50,000.