PUBG’s 2019 Halloween skins revealed

Do you like The Wizard of Oz?

Image via PUBG Corp

It’s that time of year again. Game developers across the globe are getting into the Halloween spirit by offering an array of themed DLC.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the first game to come out swinging by showing off its 2019 Halloween-themed costumes that players will be able to buy from the shop.

It looks like PUBG Corp. has gone for a The Wizard of Oz-esque Halloween redesign with a lion and scarecrow on offer—they’re a bit more terrifying than Dorothy could’ve imagined, though.

The skins are set to go live when Patch 4.3 hits the servers, but the costumes will only be in the store for a limited time. This includes the Kansas and Scarecrow sets, as well as the Pirate Captain and Swashbuckler costumes.

The Leo costume is the only one that will be available for BP, while all the other skins must be bought with real money.

PUBG Patch 4.3 goes live soon.