PUBG’s massive 1.0 update with vaulting and climbing gameplay will hit test servers tonight

Vaulting and climbing is the main feature of this large update.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ highly anticipated 1.0 update will be making its way to test servers tonight, the game’s developer confirmed.

The main feature of the update will be the vaulting and climbing mechanic, which will allow players to jump over walls and climb through windows as well as hop on top of certain parts of the environment.

Another large part of the update is an overhaul to how the game’s ballistics work, which will also change a lot of what players have become accustomed to over the past few months of playing the game.

Projectiles from firearms will now be affected by air drag, meaning that bullets lose velocity over time, which leads to greater bullet drop and a longer travel time. Those long-range sniper shots are going to need some adjusting.

Both the 8x and 15x scopes will also now have variable zooms which can be adjusted using the mouse wheel, and the red dot, holographic, and 2x scopes can also have their reticle’s brightness changed with the mouse wheel.

Where you shoot someone now matters a lot more, too, as the neck will now be protected by helmets, and damage to the chest area has been increased. The base damage has been changed as well, meaning that different classes of guns will do different types of damage.

Vehicles have received a slight overhaul, too, as driving has been adjusted to be more realistic, and the animations of vehicle and passengers inside of them have been improved.

Lastly, but certainly not any less important, is another round of client and server optimizations. These include optimizations to terrain data to reduce memory usage, and the reduction of lag when terrain is loading and when multiple players are in sight.

The first run of the game’s test servers will go for 24 hours, from 8pm CT on Nov. 13 to 8pm CT on Nov. 14, and could be extended at any time. The developer does warn, however, that players should expect client crashes while testing out the update, as the current build is “not completely stable,” but that testing is necessary at this time.