PUBG update adds a long-requested keybind while taking away another popular one

The changes seem minor, but they could have big implications.

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The patch notes for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ 26th weekly update are now available, and there are some big implications inside.

The most notable of the upcoming changes, which will hit the game’s test servers on Sept. 19, removed the ability to modify the game’s files to set a keybind for multiple actions on the same key. This change is undoubtedly to take away the jump-crouch ability that lets players jump through windows that they normally would not be able to.

It seems like players will still be able to execute jump-crouching, but they will need to be completely precise with the two separate keys as opposed to editing the files to make the action available with the press of one key.

Another main feature of the update is a long-requested feature, where players will now be able to automatically mark their character’s current position on the world map with a set keybind. It will default to the Insert key.

This feature is a long time coming, as players on teams will often mark a position where a gun or an item is that a teammate needs. Now, instead of having to open up their map and scroll in closely to mark it accurately, players can bind a key to make it instantaneous.

The patch also includes some bug fixes, like a graphical bug that caused a black box to appear while scoped in when anti-aliasing was set to low or very low.

The update is scheduled to hit the live servers this week if everything is stable.

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