PUBG update 11.2 adds Survivor Pass: Pajama Party, Erangel changes, and more

It includes some balance changes and an invite to the slumber party.

Image via Krafton

PUBG update 11.2 is live on PC, which means players are getting a new season 11 content drop—Survivor Pass: Pajama Party.

The update itself is also bringing some quality-of-life changes and balance adjustments for the game, including some big updates to the Erangel map and how in-vehicle shooting works for passengers. 

Starting with Survivor Pass: Pajama Party, players will have more than 30 slumber party-themed rewards to unlock by completing challenges while they grind through 50 Survivor Pass levels. This is also a test for the PUBG team since this model will be used to release Survivor Pass content in the future. 

“Survivor Pass: Pajama Party kicks off our new way of releasing passes, which are no longer linked in time and theme to a particular season,” the PUBG team said. “This gives us more options for content, duration, and even how many passes we choose to release per year. The passes will still follow similar mechanics with missions and rewards, so players pick theirs up and start unlocking today.”

Erangel is the next piece of the game that’s getting an update. The PUBG team is acting on player feedback from last November and reworking the Sosnovka Island bridges.

The developers have added additional ways to cross the bridge, giving players more options on how to traverse the landmark. This will allow players to take multiple routes when combating enemies in the area, too. 

Additionally, the update is going to continue the recent trend of working on core issues relating to aim stability in vehicles. This patch has added additional passenger recoil after the team examined game data and player feedback, noting “a greater rise in the effectiveness of passenger shooting than expected.” 

PUBG update 11.2 is live now on PC and will be pushed live for console players on May 6.