PUBG Mobile has been updated to version 0.4.0

A bunch of improvements have been added to the mobile version of the game.

Image via Bluehole

PUBG Mobile is getting a huge update today with big improvements to the performance of weapons, models, and vehicles, as well as a bunch of optimization changes.

The update adds a much-needed training mode into the game to allow players to experience all the weapons and items available to them. Training mode is a solo mode, giving players time to improve their skills before getting into a real game against opposing players.

An arcade mode is the second biggest addition to the update. The mode features randomised custom game rules, each with its own distinct rules and weapon spawns, for smaller lobbies of 28 players at a time.

Mobile players will also be happy to know that additional options for vehicles are finally being added into the game. Players will now be able to use a boost on their cars to pick up speed and will be able to do flips with their motorcycles. These changes are already available on the PC and Xbox One versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Players will also notice significant improvements to the game’s interface. There’s an improved bag interface as well as a number of bug and glitch fixes, such as the issue that caused the in-game voice chat to stop working after creating a group with other players.

A bunch of new items and options have been added to the in-game store as part of the new update. These include loot boxes, additional new costumes, and the ability for players to dispose of unwanted clothing to get BP back to buy other clothes.