Twitch adds additional filter options for PUBG streams

Viewers can use the custom filter for what type of game they want to watch.

Image via PUBG Corp.

Twitch has rolled out new features to help you find the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stream you want to watch.

The popular battle royale game has new filter options on Twitch, which allows viewers to filter streams by the game mode being played, and how late in the game they are.

In the custom filters, a viewer can decide whether they want to watch players in solo, duo, or squad matches while also filtering out streams depending on how many players are left in the game. The options include games with more than 50 players, games with between 25 and 50 players, and games that are nearing the end with less than 25 players alive.

These filters to seem helpful to allow viewers the opportunity to skip over a portion of the laborious and sometimes boring process of looting in the early part of matches and get right to the most exciting parts. Although some fans will still like to watch entire games, it gives options for others to watch just certain sections or types of games. Twitch could potentially add more options in the future to further help viewers narrow down their streaming options.

Custom filters have been helpful for viewers in other games in the past with League of Legends and Overwatch fans reacting favorably to character-specific filters. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has similar filters for the map being played. With PUBG expanding the map pool, we may something similar to the CS:GO map filter in the PUBG section soon enough.