PUBG to release cross-platform play for console players in October

The divide between console players is closing.

Image via PUBG Corp

The divide between console players is slowly closing and PUBG is taking steps to ensure this is the case. The battle royale is bringing its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One audiences together later this year by introducing cross-platform play with the release of season four.

The heavily-requested cross-platform system won’t become available on live servers until early October, but fans of the battle royale will be able to test the feature out on PUBG’s Public Test Server in late September.

Once the cross-platform system goes live, each match will feature 100 players from both PS4 and Xbox One servers. With the combined player pools, queue times will be greatly reduced and fans will be able to hop into games more quickly.

With the start of season four, console players will also begin to see earlier content releases. PC servers will still receive updates first, but players on PS4 or Xbox One will see the battle royale’s newest additions within two weeks of PC users.

Consoles will see season four go live on Aug. 27. In addition to cross-platform play later in the year, the season will introduce an overhaul to the battle royale’s original map, Erangel, and a new battle pass called Survivor Pass. Priced at 1,000 G-coin, the Survivor Pass will allow players to complete cooperative missions and earn over 100 Erangel-themed rewards.