PUBG’s test servers will stay live until the game’s 1.0 launch on PC

It's the final countdown.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ full launch is just over a week away, and the game’s developers at PUBG Corp have announced that the test servers will be live until the game is fully released.

Due to launch on Dec. 20, the 1.0 update will bring a huge number of changes to the game. Included in the update are features like a new UI, the new desert map, vaulting and climbing, and much more.

This change allows players to continue to experience the 1.0 update on the test servers while simultaneously helping to report any bugs or issues so they can be fixed before the main launch next week.

A new patch has also been pushed to the test servers for the final week leading up to 1.0’s launch, and it includes a few slight tweaks. Players can earn BP rewards now, and they can also check their performance in Career and Leaderboard. The patch contains a few bug fixes and a slight change to the UI to add visibility, too.

Both maps are also playable on the test servers, too, and will be chosen at random at the start of each game. This has already begun to have an impact, as some are reporting that players are leaving games that start on the Erangel map in order to play the new map instead.

With just eight days left before PUBG’s 1.0 launch, this is the real crunch time for the developers to find and fix all remaining bugs, as well as iron out the brand new Xbox One version, which released today.