PUBG is now the 6th most popular game on PC

It's more popular than WoW, GTA V, and Rocket League, according to Newzoo.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ success continues, as a new report from games data analysts Newzoo shows that it’s now the sixth most popular game among core PC gamers worldwide.

The report states that 10.8 percent of all PC gamers played the title in July of 2017, ranking it ahead of games like World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and Rocket League. It was just behind Overwatch on the list, which sits at number five.

PUBG was also sixth in terms of play time, accounting for five percent of the total time spent on PC games in the month of July across all recorded data.

What may be even more impressive is that PUBG was the top performing game in all of Japan, where 25.4 percent of core PC gamers played it in July—ranking it ahead of even League of Legends.

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While it ranks first in Japan, PUBG is also incredibly popular all over the world as well. It was played by 22.5 percent of PC gamers in Norway, 21.9 percent in Australia, and 17.1 percent in New Zealand. On top of that 16 percent of players in the U.S. entered the battlegrounds, and 14.6 percent in China.

So, where did all of these PUBG players come from? Newzoo reports that a lot of the game’s crossover players have come from Overwatch. The report states that 24.6 percent of PUBG’s playerbase also played Overwatch in July.

On top of that, 25.2 percent of gamers who stopped playing Overwatch altogether instead switched to PUBG. This effect was even bigger in Japan, where an astounding 54.7 percent of PC gamers who quit Overwatch moved on to PUBG.

In light of its upcoming esports scene and continued planned updates, Newzoo expects PUBG’s growth to continue with an even bigger increase of players in the coming months. The game is still on track for a full release before the end of 2017.