PUBG season 9 to add new map and ranked solo queue

The grind is about to get even more intense.

Image via PUBG

PUBG season nine is set to launch before the end of October, bringing with it a new map, a new ranked season, and a themed Survivor Pass that will give players rewards based on the new map. 

For PC players, the update goes live on Oct. 21. Console players will get it just a few days before Halloween on Oct. 29. The test servers will be going up for PC on Oct. 14 and Oct. 19 for consoles. 

The new battleground, Paramo, is a land that PUBG Corporation says is full of “ancient secrets cradled among the clouds in the highlands of South America.” It will also be the game’s first dynamic map, meaning that elements of Paramo will change every time you load in. 

The dynamic environment changes major landmarks between matches and streams of molten lava will flow across the map from a nearby volcano. A new item has also been added called the Critical Response Kit, which can revive a downed squad member in one second.

Players will arrive in Paramo via helicopters. Those same helicopters will be flying across the map during every match to drop supplies, though they’ll almost always aim to leave it outside of the playing area. Players can shoot them and try to get the supplies to drop early, which could be more or less dangerous than leaving the playing area in some cases. 

Along with gameplay changes, a new ranked season will be kicking off when 9.1 launches. 

Ranked solo queue will be added to the game, which will let players play PUBG’s ranked mode against other solo players as they climb the competitive ranks. Small ruleset adjustments will also be added once the ranked season goes live. 

Survivor Pass: Highlands will give players Paramo-themed rewards but will only run for two months. Players will only need to reach level 50 to get all of the Highland rewards.