PUBG Season 13 adds map updates, new Emergency Landing, and Secret Room mechanics for Taego

New mechanics and some needed updates.

Image via Krafton

PUBG is getting a big update in August, with Season 13.1 bringing some fixes and the introduction of the Taego Secret Room for the game’s newest map when it launches on Aug. 4. 

The Taego Secret Room is a randomly spawning area that will appear on the map and contain some of the best gear available in PUBG. Players can try to track the room down or just randomly stumble upon it, but anyone who wants to enter will need to find the secret key, too. 

Season 13 also introduces a new ranked season, adjustments to the Sanhok map, and even more changes for Taego, including the introduction of plane Emergency Landings at the start of some matches. 

At the start of some games, the plane carrying players into the Taego map could experience an engine exploding that will force it to make an quick emergency landing. Any player that doesn’t jump out before the plane hits the ground will begin the match with 50 percent of their base health. 

The PUBG team is also working to improve Sanhok by adjusting the geography of the Northwest Island to feature small cliffs and rocks, providing some much-needed cover for players moving across the shore.  

Ranked Season 13 brings an entirely new collection of rewards will be live to earn for players for two months, starting on Aug. 4. Players who participated in Season 12 will also automatically have any rewards they unlocked added to their inventory at the start of Season 13. 

The 13.1 update map rotation will see Paramo replaced with Karakin in Normal Matches. Here is the full rotation list. 

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
  • Karakin

PUBG Season 13 launches on Aug. 4 for PC players and Aug. 12 for consoles, with the update live right now on the PC Test Server.