PUBG reveals details for PCS2 profit-sharing in-game items ahead of Grand Final

Get ready for the finals and new items.

Image via PUBG

The PUBG Continental Series Two is about to reach its final stage with 16 teams from each of the four regional brackets competing for an $800,000 prize pool across all regions.

Starting today for PC players and Aug. 27 for console users, new PCS2 gear will be available to purchase. Twenty-five percent of all purchases will be distributed across all four regions: Europe, North America, Asia-Pacfic, and Asia.

Some of the items in the PCS2 pack include the PCS2 Tactical Torque Buggy, PCS2 Gilded Triumph Beryl M762, PCS2 Dance – Beckoning Boomstick, and more.

Image via PUBG

A total of 12.5 percent of that will be added directly to the $800,000 prize pool, while the other 12.5 percent will be split equally among all participating rosters. Every purchase will also grant players at least one voting coupon that can be used with the PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge.

As always, the Pick’Em Challenge offers fans a chance to earn rewards for correctly predicting the winners of each regional bracket. A voting coupon is required and can be obtained by purchasing PCS2 items or by watching the tournaments.

Successfully predicting a winner will award players with Esports Points that can be redeemed for other exclusive in-game items. Those EP can also be earned by voting in Team Faceoff, which doesn’t require voting coupons to participate in.

It all kicks off with the North America Grand Final on Aug. 27. Matches will run on and off until Sept. 11.