All PUBG players get a free chicken dinner in-game T-shirt to celebrate its official launch

Just log in to nab the t-shirt.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

All PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players will be awarded a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner T-shirt in-game to celebrate its exit from Steam’s Early Access program.

PUBG had its official launch on Dec. 20, adding a new map, Miramar, and vaulting and climbing to the game. It’s a launch that’s been nine months in the making, as Bluehole, Inc. worked out the game’s bumps and bruises—some of which, admittedly, are still there.

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The new shirt will be automatically dropped in player inventories after log-in.

“The 1.0 launch marks the end of the first chapter of our development team’s effort to bring forth the best battle royale experience for our players,” Bluehole, Inc. said in a Steam post. “But this is just the beginning. After 1.0 is out, we will continue to uphold our open development principles and keep listening to your feedback, as we have done through Alpha, Beta, and Early Access stages of the process.”

Bluehole, Inc. outlined a roadmap for PUBG’s future, detailing the changes it will work through. These changes include fixing stability issues, strengthening cheat prevention, and removing cheaters from the leaderboards. What’s not clear, however, is when these adjustments will roll out.

Just before PUBG’s PC launch, the game entered the Xbox Game Preview program for the Xbox One. On Dec. 19, PUBG for Xbox One received its first patch, which targeted visual and performance issues. Bluehole, Inc. does not have a date set for a full console release.