PUBG PC Patch 6.3: Full notes and updates

Panzerfaust is dropping onto Karakin.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds‘ update 6.3 is now live, bringing with it the much-anticipated Panzerfaust to Karakin.

The patch includes rebalancing weapons and Care Packages, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements, with Team Deathmatch and invincibility taking a back seat.

Here are the full patch notes for PUBG update 6.3.

New weapon: Panzerfaust

Image via PUBG Corporation
  • Karakin exclusive.
  • Uncommon world spawn found across the map.
  • Guaranteed to be in every airdrop.
  • The Panzerfaust warhead explodes upon impact, but can also be blown up mid-air.
  • The damage radius is 6m from the point of impact.
  • The explosion can deal splash damage through thin walls and objects, up to a short distance.
  • Can be used to breach specific walls on Karakin, much like the Sticky Bomb.
  • The warhead will explode mid-air, before impact if damaged by explosions or shot by a bullet.
  • One time use.
  • Once the warhead is fired, the Panzerfaust tube will be discarded and cannot be picked back up.
  • Firing the warhead produces a backblast, so be careful.
  • The backblast damages those within a 3m zone behind the weapon.
  • Be careful you don’t have any teammates or a wall too close behind you.
  • Zeroing options at 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters.

Weapon balance changes

Image via PUBG Corporation

Tommy Gun

  • Added upper rail to attach Red Dot and Holo Sights.
  • Increased rate of fire from 700 to 750.
  • Increased firing accuracy.
  • Increased moving accuracy.
  • Decreased recoil when firing for an extended duration.
  • This is due to the increased rate of fire.


  • Added Stock attachment slot.
  • A Tactical Stock can be equipped to improve weapon stability.
  • Added Magazine attachment​ slot.
  • Reduced standard ammo capacity to 75.
  • Now holds 150 with an extended mag.
  • Decreased base bullet damage from 45 to 40.
  • Increased recoil.
  • Found on ALL maps.
  • Semi-rare spawn.


  • Increased base bullet damage​ from 39 to 41.
  • Increased rate of fire from 650 to 670.
  • Increased muzzle velocity from 300 to 360.
  • This means an increase to the speed at which bullets leave the barrel, making it a bit easier to track moving targets.


  • Removed from Care Packages.
  • Now found on ALL maps as rare ground loot.

Quality of life improvements

  • Improved visibility of nearby items on the ground by enhancing the glowing effect and adding a new pulse effect.
  • The new pulse effect can be disabled and is listed as “Item Flashing Effect” under Gameplay settings.
  • Added an electric static sound to the Blue Zone wall providing players with an audible queue when the Blue Zone is near.
  • [Team Deathmatch] Added Rich Presence to let your Discord and Steam friends know when you’re fragging in TDM.
  • [Team Deathmatch] Invincibility will now be removed instantly when engaging in combat (firing a weapon, throwing grenade, etc.).
  • [Team Deathmatch] Hotkey for player reports is disabled for 1 second after death to prevent accidental activation.


  • Optimization improvements have been applied to reduce instances of FPS stuttering (hitching) on certain hardware configurations.

Bug fixes

Fixed the following issues:

  • Location of teammate’s character not synchronized with observer’s display in certain situations.
  • Map texture displayed in poor quality.
  • ‘Round 3’ message constantly displayed and round not starting in Team Deathmatch.
  • Name of Victory dance 12 emote not displayed properly.
  • Visual misalignment on the Blue Zone UI.
  • Visual issue with the background of the vehicle durability UI.
  • PUBG’s Trench Coat clipping through the character.
  • All glasses & mask items not being displayed when equipping Golden Dragon Traditional Cap.
  • Titles of all Keys not being displayed correctly in store and inventory.
  • Unable to accomplish the mission ‘Reach top 10 after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM’ in certain situations.
  • Wrong 4x reticle displayed when using the DP-28.
  • Abnormal Blue Zone sound played in spectator mode.
  • Reload interaction sounds heard differently in FPP and TPP views.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Sticky Bombs can now be found in Training Mode.
  • Added additional ringtone for the Sticky Bomb.
  • DBS spawns can be adjusted in custom matches.

Survivor pass: Shakedown

  • The third track of Survivor Pass missions has been unlocked. The new missions follow an explosive theme.
  • The current season of both the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will end on April 14 PDT. Starting April 1 (KST) / March 31 (PDT), there will be a countdown on the Survivor Pass lobby banner notifying players of the pass end date.
  • A pop-up message will be displayed to users purchasing Premium Pass, alerting them of the time left until pass end.
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the Pass period ends.

Skins and items

  • Four new Badlands skin sets have been added, available until April 15.

Custom match

  • Karakin is now available in Custom Matches.
  • Updated Esports Mode preset.
  • The previous 2019 preset has been replaced by the 2020 Global Esports Ruleset.
  • Blue Zone settings are identical to 2019. However, item spawn rates have been changed in accordance with each map’s ruleset.
  • This preset uses the S.U.P.E.R ruleset (Official Esports Ruleset).
  • Inner Blue Zone option has been added.
  • Organized custom match presets and added some new ones.
  • ‘The First Weapon for Your Chicken Dinner’ preset has been added.
  • Drop-in with a random weapon set and fight your way to victory, no weapons spawn in the world, although you can pick up the weapons from player death boxes.
  • [PUBG Partners] Motor Glider and Sticky Bomb have been added to Sandbox mode.
  • Known Issue: Snowmobiles and Snowbikes don’t spawn on Vikendi.
    • This issue will be resolved in next patch.