PUBG PC Patch 6.2: Full notes and updates

Team Deathmatch is finally here.

Image via PUBG

The latest PUBG update brings with it a new game mode, Team Deathmatch, the next iteration of the game’s Skill-Based Rating system, and more.

It includes a range of tweaks to the ins and outs of gameplay, with frag grenades taking the focus. Right peeking, blue zone effects, and the UI, though, are also receiving some much-needed attention.

Here are the full patch notes for PUBG Patch 6.2.

Team Deathmatch

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  • The long-requested Team Deathmatch mode has now arrived.

Game mode overview:

  • Eight-vs-eight
  • FPP only
  • Weapon Spawn Kits
  • Respawns
  • No knockdowns
  • No friendly fire

Available to play through the new Arcade section of the menu.


Granade changes

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Frag Grenades

  • Vests now mitigate damage received from Frag Grenades, but vest durability isn’t reduced when taking damage from Frags.
  • Damage mitigation amount is dependent on the level of vest worn by the player, with the same percentage reduction as for bullet damage.
  • Frags will deal 20 percent less damage to prone players.
  • Item weight increased by 50 percent.
  • Each Frag Grenade now takes 27 inventory capacity, up from 18.
  • Pulling the pin of a Frag is now louder and audible from further away.

Smoke grenades

  • Decreased fuse time from three seconds to one second.

Smoke grenades

  • Decreased fuse time from three seconds to one second.

Stun grenades

  • Increased indirect hit effect radius
  • Up to 6.5m, from 5.5m.
  • Ringing sound now impacts players through walls
  • This matches the Frag Grenade mechanic, although the impact affects a smaller radius.
  • Added slight camera shake to players near the explosion.
  • Default fuse time mechanic:
  • Stuns now explode 0.7 sec after first impact, or after fuse timer runs out, whichever comes first.
  • Fuse time without cooking has been increased to five sec.
  • 2.5-second fuse timer when cooking the stun remains unchanged.

Molotov Cocktail

  • Increased the speed at which fire spreads by 50 percent.
  • Fire can now spread slightly further, with an increased damage radius.
  • Changed the way fire spreads around objects. Fire will now more consistently reach the backside of objects (especially thin objects like trees).
  • Re-introduced direct damage while standing in fire, in addition to existing damage over time.
  • Players in fire will now take an additional 10 damage per second.
  • Fire now reaches higher and should be obstructed less by small objects.

Frag and Stun Grade visual effects have also been updated, alongside a more realistic Frag Grenade sound.

Right Peeking/Leaning

  • Players viewing their opponent from the right side of objects will now have more of their body exposed.
  • A player’s head will lean slightly more toward the scope when ADS, so that the character’s head is more exposed.
  • Made adjustments to some weapons to have characters’ bodies be more exposed when peering to the right of objects.

Karakin Changes

  • G36C and MP5K have been added to Karakin.
  • Spawn rate of First Aid Kits and boost items have been increased.
  • Spawn rate of bandages has been decreased.
  • Spawn rate of DMR, SR, and Win94 on Karakin has been decreased.
  • Increased care package airplane speed to move faster across the island.

Adjusted Blue Zone effects

Image via PUBG
  • Distortion effect has been removed.
  • Altered effect where the Blue Zone meets the ground, to more clearly identify the Blue Zone edge.
  • Lowered the top wall of the Blue Zone.
  • Updated visual shaders.
  • Effects will become more intense as phases progress.
  • Changed sounds for entering and exiting the Blue Zone.
  • Low volume humming sound can now be heard while within 10 tp15m from Blue Zone.
  • This should help players identify when the Blue Zone is getting close.

Blood Effects Visibility improvement

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  • Increased blood color saturation over distance for better visibility.
  • Added distance scaling to blood effects.

Parachute ‘Follow’ feature

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  • During the pre-match countdown, follow UI will be shown at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Open the map to select a teammate to follow.
  • You can still select a teammate to follow up until exiting the plane.
  • After selecting a teammate to follow, you can cancel on the map screen, or also by holding F while in the plane, or while actively following a player in your parachute.
  • If you’re obstructed by terrain or an object, your follow will be canceled.

PUBG LABS / Skill Based Rating Test

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  • Players will need to complete 5 placement matches to earn a rank in the new test. The highest initial placement rank is Platinum 4 (2,600 RP).
  • The overall algorithm used has been tuned based on data and feedback from the first test.
  • Assists now influence your rating.
  • Assists are considered to be the same value as Kills for the purpose of RP gains and losses.
  • Any kills resulting from friendly fire will count as negative kills
  • The maximum amount of RP that can be gained or lost after a match is now dynamic per tier, with lower tiers having a larger cap than higher tiers.
  • The expected performance of players in the Master tier will now increase at every 100 RP above 3,500, making it much more difficult to climb in Master tier the higher a player rises
  • The highest RP a player can reach is now 5,000.


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Friends List UI improvement

  • Visual improvement on friends list has been made. A new icon to distinguish on/offline state has been added.
  • Improved ID search button UI.
  • Leave team button has been relocated to the team tab.
  • Button features which were provided in icons are now available in the context menu on the left.
  • Hover the mouse cursor on the ID to bring the context menu.
  • INVITE, FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW, PROFILE, KICK functions can be used on the context menu.
  • Online users are listed on the top and offline users are listed separately on the foldable list.
  • Slots in the Team tab are separated into 4 slots. Slots are activated accordingly to selected game mode (Solo/Duo/Squad).
  • Host player will be displayed with a star on the top left of the ID.
  • Invite button has been added on the Career page
  • Key guide text displayed on the starting island has been modified.
  • It will be displayed in nouns just like other options which have no direct effect on the game play (Map, Mission List, Inventory etc.)
  • Alt+K: Toggle Key Hint → Alt+K: On-Screen Key Guide.
  • Added brightness adjustment for Karakin.


  • Performance has been improved with additional WorldOriginShift optimizations.

Custom Match and Observer

  • Custom match Erangel classic has been removed.
  • Observing UI polishingAdjusted the sidearm weapon slot in the name layout UI to have weapon icon centered.
  • Made fine grid adjustments on all areas of name layout UI.
  • Default pattern of team number (logo) area has been modified.
  • This pattern is displayed when not using the logo. Fixed the pattern area so that stripe pattern is displayed properly on trapezoidal shape.
  • Relevant UIs are player list, name layout and team list.


  • PGC 2019 champions and new contents have been added to the hall of fame, Erangel.
  • Picture of PGC 2019 champions, Gen.G and 2019 PGC panorama has been added.
  • PGI key art insignia/banner has been deleted. Gen.G insignia/banner has been added on different location.
  • Added posters of global events (PAI, PNC, PGC) run by PUBG in 2019.
  • PGI 2018 FPP champion, OMG’s graffiti has been removed and replaced with 2019 champ, Gen.G.
  • PGI 2018(OMG, Gen.G gold), PGC 2019 Champion’s (Gen.G) uniform has been added.
  • The names of champions on the molding has been deleted.
  • PGC 2019 trophy has been added.

Skins and items

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  • CHEERLEADER SET, five items.
  • BADLANDS LEISURE SET, four items.
  • Improved parachute backpack model design.
  • Improved backpack design will be applied to all parachute skins.

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

  • Detailed list of missions.
  • Survive for more than three minutes in Karakin.
  • Destroy two destructible walls with sticky bombs.
  • Survive two times in the Black Zone.
  • Drop into a named location on Karakin
  • Deal total amount of 100 damage through penetrable walls.
  • Get a kill through a penetrable wall.


  • Weapon Mastery Balancing.
  • Early levels of Weapon Mastery now require less XP to earn. As a result of this change, players may find that some of their Weapon Mastery levels are slightly higher than before.
  • Due to a technical issue, the PUBG ID feature has been temporarily disabled.

Replay System

  • Replays from previous updates are no-longer playable, as the replay system has been updated.

Bug fixes


  • Resolved issue which allowed a player’s breath gauge to instantly recover in certain situations when coming out of the water.
  • Resolved issue that prevented players from being moved to their correct spawn location when vaulting at match start in War Mode using ground respawn.
  • Resolved issue with player death boxes blocking grenade damage.
  • Resolved issue with care packages not blocking grenade damage.
  • Resolved issue with the headshot blood effects blocking vision in FPP.
  • Resolved issue which preventing healing/boost item animations from playing when spamming the use hotkey.


  • Resolved issue of some object edges becoming transparent when close to the blue zone.
  • Minor map bug fixes on Erangel and Karakin.

Skins and items

  • When a female character wearing Rapture Squad Gloves with tattoo sleeve, wrist looks transparent.
  • Visual issue with character model’s arm when wearing the Tenebres Combat Vest.


  • Fixed issue in replays which could prevent certain players from being displayed on the minimap.
  • Fixed issue in replays which would display incorrect grid sizes on some maps.


Reduced volume of Sticky Bomb sound effects, as they were louder than intended.