PUBG will be adding a new gun in its next monthly update

Another tool of the trade is coming soon.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

If you’re somehow running out of enjoyable ways of fragging enemies in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, have no fear—a new weapon is joining the fray in next week’s monthly update.

The Mk14 EBR will be the next new gun added to PUBG, as the developers announced on Twitter late Thursday night. The gun is a DMR (designated marksman rifle) just like the SKS rifle that’s already in PUBG, and it will use 7.62 ammo as well.

The Mk14 was originally created in 2002 for use by the U.S. military, and it’s something like a cross between a semi-automatic assault rifle and a sniper rifle. The gun will start out as a Care Package drop.

The last monthly update for PUBG was in June, and it added the powerful Groza bullpup rifle as well as new weather settings. July’s update was recently delayed, and will now be deployed on Aug. 3.

This new weapon will be a part of the new monthly update next week, which will also see the addition of first person-only servers and cosmetic microtransactions.