This video explains which muzzle attachment is best for each type of gun in PUBG

Compensator, Suppressor, or Flash Hider?

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If you’ve ever found yourself blessed with a ton of loot in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (yes, it does happen sometimes), you might have a tough choice to make.

Do you put a Compensator on your AKM, or a Flash Hider? What about this UMP9? Is a Suppressor better, or would you be better off with a Compensator?

Thankfully, YouTubers like “Liquid Blitz” put in the leg work so you don’t have to. This video goes into full detail on which muzzle attachment works best for which gun, and his recommendations might surprise you.

Liquid Blitz said that Suppressors and Compensators are the way to go. The only real plus of a Flash Hider is that it reduces your muzzle flash, but it only offers a 10 percent reduction in recoil patterns.

The Compensator, however, offers a 25 percent reduction in recoil on all weapons, plus variations depending on what type of gun you’re using, like a sniper rifle compared to an assault rifle. Liquid Blitz said that Compensators are useless on the Kar98k, M24, and AWM.

Suppressors are huge, though. It may seem obvious, but being sneaky and quiet will often outweigh things like recoil reduction throughout the majority of a PUBG match. If you can sneak up on an opponent or take them out from a distance before they know where you are, it’s a huge plus. That’s why the Suppressor’s reduction of the sound radius of each shot you take is huge. Liquid Blitz details that, too.

The video is worth checking out as it’s just under nine minutes long and has some good in-depth information, as well as a comprehensive image that summarizes his findings at the beginning in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

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