This well-made PUBG fan movie is full of memes and inside jokes

It's way too accurate.

Screengrab via Corridor Digital

If you think about it, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is kind of ridiculous.

About 100 people enter a random island in the middle of nowhere to kill each other. When they’re injured, they chug an energy drink and everything is okay. They fight each other with unbreakable frying pans, and then the winners are rewarded with nothing but chicken.

In a video game, it works just fine, but in real life, it’s very weird. And that’s what this fan film by YouTube channel Corridor Digital is all about.

“The BATTLEGROUNDS Movie” puts PUBG in a real-world setting, with real guns, real people, and real consequences. But the ridiculousness is still there.

This six minute short is hilarious, and will undoubtedly resonate with any PUBG fan. The movie touches on everything from having bad loot, to arguing with your team about chasing down care packages, to the ever-illusive actual chicken dinner.

Kudos to the team at Corridor Digital for this way-too-real iteration of one of 2017’s biggest games. It’s definitely worth your time.