Microsoft is trying to extend PUBG’s Xbox One exclusivity period

PUBG could be console-exclusive to Xbox One for even longer.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

With news coming out over the past few days that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could eventually make its way to the PlayStation 4, a new report has surfaced about what Microsoft is doing in response.

With PUBG slated to hit Xbox One before the end of 2017, Microsoft is now in talks with Bluehole Inc. to extend their console exclusivity agreement, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The report states that an unnamed source “familiar with the matter” said that Microsoft is working to keep the battle royale title exclusive to Xbox One “until the middle of next year or longer” before it also makes its way to PS4.

PUBG is still in early access on Steam, but the game is scheduled for a full release before the end of the calendar year. It will come to the Xbox One at the same time.

The smash hit shooter has blown away all expectations on Steam and has become a phenomenon in the gaming industry, so holding onto console exclusivity would be huge for Microsoft, which has fallen way behind in sales compared to Sony’s PS4.

For now, however, it seems PS4 fans will be left wondering how long PUBG remains exclusive to the Xbox One console before it makes its way to the more popular platform.