PUBG’s fan-favorite Level 3 Helmet is being relegated to care packages only

Weapon balance changes are coming, too.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

A big change is coming to the way fans have come to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since its entry into early access last year.

For many, the Level 3 Helmet is a key component in the potential success of a match due to its 230 armor and 55 percent damage reduction, allowing you to survive headshots from most weapons. Players often feel that their looting isn’t done until they find one.

That might soon change, thanks to an alteration to the loot table by PUBG Corp. Soon, Level 3 Helmets will only be available in care packages and won’t be found as floor loot whatsoever.

“It’s a game-changing item that can impact the outcome of a match—basically, it gives you an extra life in situations where a headshot would otherwise kill you,” PUBG Corp. said about the Level 3 Helmet in a new blog post. “We don’t want luck alone to determine who gets items like this, so we’re removing it from the normal loot spawn tables and limiting it to care packages only.”

That’s not all that’s changing. Both weapons and attachments will be receiving balance changes in an upcoming test server patch. All of the changes will be tested before they go live.

“According to our research, only a few specific types of weapons (ARs) are used in most situations,” PUBG Corp. said. “We believe the choice about which gun to use should be based on personal preference and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply ‘which gun is strongest.’ Our goal is to make it so no one gun will feel objectively better than the others.”

No specifics were given about what guns would be changed and how, but the blog post said to expect those details in the patch notes once the test server update goes live “very soon.”