PUBG set 7 Guinness World Records this year

The year just keeps getting better for PUBG.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene was on hand at the Golden Joystick Awards earlier today to receive seven Guinness World Records awarded to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG burst onto the scene with Steam Early Access in March, and in just a few months has broken a number of records on the platform and in gaming in general.

The rewards received by PUBG included “Fastest time to sell 1 million units for a Steam Early Access game,” “Fastest Steam Early Access game to gross $100 million,” and “First videogame to reach 2 million concurrent players on Steam.” 

In August, PUBG surpassed Dota 2 for Steam’s concurrent player record, and broke the two million player barrier just over a month later at the beginning of October. Just 10 days ago, the game was confirmed to pass 20 million copies sold.

PUBG also won Guinness World Records for “Most actively played game on Steam,” “Most concurrent players for a Steam Early Access game,” “Most concurrent players on Steam for a non-Valve videogame,” and “First non-Valve videogame to be the most played game on Steam.”

The accolades did not end there for PUBG, as the game also won Golden Joysticks for “Best Multiplayer Game” and “PC Game of the Year.”

PUBG’s year is scheduled to finish strong, as the game is set to come out of early access for a full release, as well as hit consoles with a Dec. 12 release date on the Xbox One.