Bluehole offers a preview of PUBG’s foggy weather—and it’s coming this week

Visibility in PUBG will be at an all-time low pretty soon.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The weather forecast is looking dreary for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this week, as foggy weather arrives in the game.

Bluehole tweeted out a preview of what the foggy weather will look like, teasing that the patch notes will be coming tomorrow ahead of the update that’s scheduled for later in the week.

Up until this point, PUBG has had weather options for clear skies, rainy weather, and a sunset setting. The weather is decided randomly at the beginning of every match, so players have to be on their toes.

This new foggy weather looks like it will be the most interesting of the pre-determined weather settings, as visibility could be significant reduced. As anyone who’s played PUBG knows, being able to spot an enemy before they spot you is the difference between winning and losing, so it should add an interesting wrinkle to the gameplay. Snipers could well be very ineffective, with close fighting making up the majority of these games.

This week’s update will also see the addition of first-person perspective leaderboards and a brand new gun, the Mini-14. It is scheduled to go live on Thursday, Sept. 14.