These are the best additions and changes made to PUBG in early access

PUBG has come a long way since first releasing in March.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been, without a doubt, 2017’s biggest surprise smash hit. With over 20 million copies sold on Steam before the game has even received a full release, it seems like everyone has been trying to get a chicken dinner this year.

As an early access title, though, PUBG is always changing. The game has undergone a ton of changes and had a lot of additions since first entering early access in March, and here’s some of the best of them.

Performance optimizations

When PUBG first released, it was kind of a mess. No matter what kind of gaming PC you had, the game just wouldn’t run very well, with rendering issues and massive drops in FPS.

Thankfully, after a number of big updates to the game’s optimization, it runs a lot better. It’s still not perfect, but the game has come a long way in this regard. The first and second monthly updates helped out greatly with performance.

Nothing has been more important to PUBG’s growing success than the huge number of bug fixes and improvements to how the game runs.

First-person perspective

One of the most-requested features came to PUBG in August with first-person perspective game modes. Taking the game from third-person to first-person offered a more immersive and hardcore experience.

First-person has since become the preferred game mode for most players, and it looks to be the main game mode for PUBG esports moving forward.

New weapons

PUBG has received a number of weapons since March’s entry into early access, and some of them have been game-changing. Guns like the VSS and Vector added more variety to the loot table, but beasts like the Groza, Mk14, and Mini-14 have become must-loots if found in the battlefield.

Quality of life

Within the 30-plus updates that PUBG has received in 2017, there have been a ton of small quality of life changes that all add up over time. Here are some examples of just a few of them.

Adding a hotkey to mark your current position on the map, adding animations for things like drinking energy drinks and using first aid kits, adjustments and improvements to the spectator camera, and adding new clothing options like Twitch Prime gear, all made the game better in small ways.