Check out these new screenshots of PUBG’s upcoming desert map

The new destination looks pretty cool so far.

Image via PC Gamer

The anticipation is high for the new desert map coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and we now have a closer look at it, thanks to a preview by PC Gamer.

The preview shows off some new vivid, high-quality images of the unnamed map, but gameplay details were also revealed. For example, vehicle handling will act differently depending on the surface that is being driven on, like paved surfaces compared to rough terrain.

The images show off more of what we’ve seen in past preview images, but with a bit more variety. One image shows a crashed plane in a crater, with peaks and valleys surrounding it. This should create interesting point of view techniques in battle.

Another image shows a small town with trees surrounding it, which provide ample cover if you were to try to approach from a distance. But the third image showcases a truly steep road on an incredible incline, which should prove difficult for vehicles to try to climb.

Overall, the map seems more varied than PUBG’s default map of Erangel, offering everything from large cities to small towns, and wooded clearings to steep mountains, all while retaining a desolate desert feeling.

The PC Gamer preview also mentions hands-on impressions of the highly-anticipated vaulting and climbing mechanic, which is described as “extremely smooth and kinetic” once you get used to it.