PUBG’s latest update adds improvements to the desert map

Changes were made to "improve the engagement experience."

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

As players stray further away from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ desert map Miramar towards the original map of Erangel, PUBG Corp. has decided to add some improvements to the new location.

In an effort to “improve the engagement experience,” more buildings and cover have been added to Miramar, on top of more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation. The loot is changing, too, as the item spawn level of certain areas have been upgraded for loot balancing—meaning that some areas will spawn better loot.

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Since there’s currently no map selection process in PUBG, and one of the two maps is randomly picked at the beginning of each maps, players have been circumventing the game via its files to get away from Miramar.

Ideally, players could be able to queue up for the map that they want to play. But for now PUBG Corp. has decided to try and improve Miramar to appease players who greatly prefer Erangel for a variety of reasons.

This new update is currently in testing on the game’s test servers, along with an anti-cheat solution that is still under development. Because of this, PUBG Corp. expects compatibility issues and crashes on the test server.