PUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown: Live results and standings

The Charity Showdown is live and full of action.

Image via PUBG

The PUBG Continental Series is off to a hot start with multiple Charity Showdown events in each of the major regions already underway with top teams battling it out for $800,000.

Since May 14, teams have been competing in various types of brackets, with half of each total prize pool being donated directly to charities selected by the winning teams. 

The main focus is on the PCS NA Charity Showdown, which began earlier today, while Europe’s bracket has been stretched out over three weeks to keep the action going. Right now, 16 of North America’s best teams, and many others from Europe, Asia, and Asia Pacific are duking it out for a good cause. 

Matches are being run in a rotating schedule for Asia and APAC brackets, with the finals being set for May 23 and 24 across both regions. Both NA and EU had to run through qualifiers to get the top teams in each region narrowed down, but the NA finals will be held on May 24, while EU will last another week, ending on May 31. 

For those of you who want to keep up with all the regional action, here are the live results and standings for each of the main brackets. 

PCS Charity Showdown: NA

Placement TeamPrize
FirstOath Gaming$25,000
SecondShoot To Kill$15,000
ThirdSusquehanna Soniqs$12,000
FourthZenith E-Sports$10,000
Fifth303 Esports$8,000
EighthWildcard Gaming$4,000
11-12thIllusion Esports/Houston Hardshifts$2,000
13-14thLiViD Gaming/Elus1ve$1,500
15-16thFabled/Team Clueless$1,000

PCS Charity Showdown: EU

Placement TeamPrize
FirstNorthern Lights Team$25,000
ThirdNatus Vincere$10,000
FourthFaZe Clan$5,000
FifthOmaken Sports$3,200
SixthTeam SoloMid$3,200
SeventhTeam Liquid$3,200
Ninth-10thBetterLuckNextTime/Raise Your Edge$2,425
11-12thTeam Red Zone/Redline$2,425
15-16thENCE/Elgiganten Gaming$2,425
17-18thIstanbul Wild Cats/The Nuclear Penguins$1,600
19-20thWasted Potential/Digital Athletics$1,600
21-22ndEtiget Esports/UNITY$1,600

PCS Charity Showdown: Asia

Placement TeamPrize
SecondLao Yue Gou$15,000
ThirdTeam Curson$12,000
FourthTeam Quadro$10,000
FifthGen.G Esports$8,000
SixthFour Angry Men$6,000
SeventhLuminous Stars$5,000
EighthDetonatioN Gaming White$4,000
Ninth-10thElement Mystic/OGN Entus$3,000
11-12thRushB/VRLU Ghibli$2,000
15-16thGlobal Esports Xsset/SunSister$1,000

PCS Charity Showdown: APAC

Placement TeamPrize
FirstDivisionX Gaming$40,000
ThirdBuriram United Esports$10,000
FifthMade in Thailand$5,000
SixthGolden Cat$5,000
SeventhDIC Gaming$2,500
EighthDivine Esports$2,500
Ninth-10thPhoenix Gaming/FURY$1,500
11-12thVictim FTF/CERBERUS Esports$1,500
13-14thAthletico Esports/Daytrade Gaming$1,000
15-16thTeam Ferox/Creatory Esports$1,000