PUBG Continental Series 3 sets its finals for November

The next PCS is ready to roll.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation is ready to roll with the third iteration of the PUBG Continental Series, bringing another two months of competition to four different regions. 

The PCS3 North American Group Stage is already underway, with 24 teams—including the previous three PCS event Champions Shoot to Kill, Oath, and Soniqs—battling for their spot in the PCS3 North America Grand Final in November. 

NA’s group stage has its own prize of $50,000, which will be split up among the top finishers who are ready to move on to the next event. That action will continue from Oct. 9 to 11 and Oct. 16 to 18, when the top 16 teams will be finalized and earn their grand final tickets.

Image via PUBG Corporation

Here’s the schedule for each region’s grand final event, which will all begin with NA on Nov. 5. 

  • North America and Asia
    • Nov. 5 and 6
    • Nov. 12 and 13
    • Nov. 19 and 20
  • Europe and Asia-Pacific
    • Nov. 7 and 8
    • Nov. 14 and 15
    • Nov. 21 and 22

PCS3 will also have a Pick’Em Challenge, giving fans a chance to obtain in-game rewards for guessing the winners of each regional tournament. You can obtain a voting coupon to place your bets by purchasing PCS3-themed items in the in-game shop or simply watching the matches. 

Image via PUBG Corporation

As always, 25 percent of the event’s in-game profits will go directly to teams competing in all four regions. The Pick’Em Challenge begins on Oct. 28 for PC players and Oct. 29 for those on console. The event will close on Nov. 19, just before the finals begin.