Mouse and keyboard support for PUBG on Xbox One might be removed

The move would apparently be to ensure "fair gameplay".

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The age-old debate of mouse and keyboard vs. controller rages on to this very day, but those who have mastered both know that there is a clear winner in the conversation.

Thanks to third party devices, players can use mouse and keyboard on console—and most players think that it leads to an unfair advantage. When it comes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, the game’s developers agree.

Responding to a tweet from a player frustrated by losing to someone using a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One, PUBG community coordinator RoboDanjal said that things might be changing in the near future when it comes to peripherals.

“We have been gathering in-game information regarding Third Party device usage over the past few months,” said RoboDanjal. “Although usage of these devices is statistically very low, fair gameplay is core to our experience, and we will be communicating our plan to curb the use of these devices soon.”

It certainly makes sense to outlaw the usage of a mouse and keyboard on console to keep the playing field fair, because the amount of precision that the PC peripherals give makes it quite difficult to keep up with while on a controller.

Players who use mouse and keyboard will probably say that they’re just playing with what they’re most comfortable with, but that’s where gaming on a PC comes in to play. When it comes to keeping things fair, you have to sympathize with PUBG Corp. in this situation.