This Chinese mobile game ripped off PUBG in a blatant way

These images look familiar somehow...

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

There’s a saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but we’re not sure the people behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would agree with that sentiment when they see these images.

Chinese developer NetEase is coming out with a new Terminator 2 mobile game next week, and it’s a battle royale game that will support up to 48 players. There’s just one big problem, though—the game looks like it rips off some PUBG assets.

Gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad posted the images to Twitter, and it’s pretty clear that a number of the assets have been taken right from PUBG. It’s unclear if they’re just being used for the teaser images, or if the game actually looks like this, but it’s quite obviously a ripoff.

In the third image below, you can clearly see that basically everything—the player model, the med kit and first aid kit, bandages, energy drink, painkillers, clothing, weapons, and armors—are all carbon copies of what can be found in PUBG’s inventory screen. The second image also shows what looks to be a screenshot of the gameplay, and the mini map in the top left of the screen is also from PUBG—complete with the line indicator and silhouette of a person that shows your location in relation to the circle of death.

Terminator 2? Cool movie, let’s check out the game…
…wait, that mini map looks familiar…
…oh, wow. Yeah, that’s bad.
PUBG’s inventory screen. Screengrab via [Shroud]( on Twitch

For some reason, the game has the Terminator 2 license—a movie that came out in 1991, and it’s great, but we’re not sure what it has to do with a battle royale game mode in the year 2017.

Another knockoff situation happened recently with Blizzard’s Overwatch, with a Chinese mobile game called Hero Mission. But even that game didn’t completely rip its target’s assets. This one is especially blatant.

With PUBG’s popularity, it was inevitable that other games would try to recreate its success. But maybe next time the developers will make their own menus and minimap.