Watch this PUBG player win a game while AFK and eating dinner

Winner winner, away from keyboard and eating dinner?

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has something of a notorious reputation for players being able to win games while not being very active, but this video brings it to a whole other level.

YouTuber “Mysterion157” was in the middle of a game of PUBG when they were called down to dinner. So they laid down in a bathtub, pulled up their map and started recording. What ensues is some of the craziest RNG luck ever seen.

In the video above, you can clearly see the circle luckily close further and further in on Mysterion157 as they lie prone in the bathtub. The number of players alive dwindles down to single digits. And then the final player alive dies to the circle of death.

A lot of PUBG has to do with luck, as most players know. If you’re unlucky when you land and can’t find a gun right away, you could die. If you land too far from the original circle and can’t find a gun, you could die. If you’re unable to find decent weapons, or the red circle spawns on you and blows you up, or if your motorcycle hits an invisible bump and flips you, you could die. You get the picture.

Seeing this circle close in on the player as he happily enjoys what we can only guess is a chicken dinner in real life, is amazing. It will undoubtedly sting many players who feel like luck is never on their side.

We suggest Mysterion157 play the lottery, too. This kind of luck must be taken advantage of.