PUBG adds Ranked Mode, ignitible Jerry Cans, and weapon balancing in Update 7.2

Some massive changes are hitting PUBG near the end of the month.

Image via PUBG

PUBG Update 7.2 will finally add Ranked Mode to the game, along with a new way to damage enemies and general weapon reworks. 

Starting on May 20 for PC players and May 26 for users on console and Google Stadia, Ranked Mode will invite players to play the game under more competitive rulesets while being tracked by the new ranked system. 

The developers have been working on adding a skill-based ranking system to PUBG for a while and this mode will provide experienced players with a new challenge that many have been craving. Ranked Mode will be treated as a core feature of PUBG moving forward and PUBG Corp. has already laid out a set of goals for improving it in the future. 

A few of those goals are creating a detailed and effective ranking system to accurately measure player skills in PUBG while allowing players to show off their skill and status to each other, as well as providing unique seasonal rewards exclusive to Ranked Mode. 

Each Ranked season will start with players resetting to an unranked state before starting seasonal placement matches. Previous ranks will have an impact on placement in future seasons, but Platinum V is the placement rank cap regardless of any previous performances. 

Image via PUBG

Ranked will also use a similar version of the SUPER settings/loot that PUBG Esports features, which focus on 64-player squad play rather than the full 100 that the game is known for. This translates to more loot being obtained faster, a higher level of competition, a focused bluezone, and no redzone. 

No bots will be used to fill out Ranked Mode matches and the map pool will follow the same ones used in the pro circuit: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. They’ll be selected randomly at the start of each round. 

There will also be new restrictions in place to keep the integrity of Ranked matches. These methods include players potentially being required to authenticate their account using a unique phone number or reaching a certain level in Survival Mastery before unlocking Ranked. 

Image via PUBG

As for rewards, players who achieve Gold V or higher in any queue will be awarded a ranked exclusive skin set. Top 500 players in each region will also receive a special ranked nameplate and emblem set.

As for the other changes, you can now toss Jerry Cans or pour out their contents on the ground to create areas of massive destruction that can be ignited by nearby explosions, Molotovs, and gunfire.

Shotguns got a big buff, now dealing 1.5x damage to the head and 1.05x damage to limbs (up from 1.25x and 0.9x, respectively) in hopes of increasing their usability. Additionally, a reduced accuracy penalty during movement, less damage drop when firing at range, and better hip-firing accuracy should ensure a jump in usage for the weapon class. 

Lastly, a handful of popular assault rifles are getting a reduction in recoil among other general balance changes. One of the biggest ones is the M416 getting a reduction in base damage.

PUBG Update 7.2 is live on the test servers right now. It will release on the main servers for PC players on May 20 and both console and Stadia users on May 26.