At least 50,000 cheaters have been banned from PUBG

The banhammer is swift and merciless in Battlegrounds.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

If you attempt to cheat or hack to gain an advantage in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an automated system will be ready to take you down. At least 50,000 of those cheaters have been banned from the game thus far, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene revealed today.

PlayerUnknown announced the news on Twitter, a little over a month after tweeting that there had been 25,000 bans at the end of June. So it seems as though the number of attempted cheats has grown pretty rapidly.

BattlEye describes itself as “the anti-cheat gold standard,” and with numbers like that, it certainly could be. The system automatically detects when people are trying to use cheats like aim or wall hacks, and bans them before they get a chance to use them in-game.

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If someone is able to somehow slip through BattlEye’s cracks, players can use the new in-game Report button that’s available whenever they are defeated by an enemy. This added function was made available in Aug. 3’s monthly update.

As PUBG just recently earned the honor of having the third-highest peak player count in Steam history, it’s no surprise that a chunk of those players will attempt to cheat or make the playing field uneven. But with BattlEye’s automated bans, a lot of those players don’t even get the chance to act on their ill intentions.