PUBG has reached 4 million players on Xbox and you can get 30,000 free Battle Points to celebrate

The promotion ends next week.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Over four million players have now dropped from the airplane into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, Microsoft announced today.

In just over six weeks since the game launched on Xbox, it has received six updates and patches to both add content and improve and optimize the experience. The latest update on Tuesday added the ability to auto-run.

The new milestone of four million comes less than two weeks after Xbox announced three million players back on Jan. 12 in the game’s first month. Adding another million sales in just 13 days is an impressive feat.

To celebrate the achievement, PUBG Corp. will be giving 30,000 Battle Points as a reward to all players. Anyone who has purchased or purchases PUBG on Xbox One and creates a character before Jan. 31 at 2am CT will be eligible. The points will be delivered after Feb. 1 at 2am CT.

Battle Points are used as in-game currency to buy loot boxes that contain cosmetic items like hats, jackets, shirts, pants, and more. With 30,000 BP, players will be able to purchase multiple crates.