PGI’s exclusive in-game items are selling for up to $650 online

The PUBG Ringside and Title sets are also selling for megabucks.

Image via PUBG Corp

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Global Invitational 2018 is well underway. Fans who bought tickets to watch it live have been given exclusive items for their in-game PUBG avatars, and some are selling them online for a hefty profit.

Fans who couldn’t attend are flocking to the web to try and buy the various codes given away at the event. Those expecting to find the items for cheap, however, might be a little disappointed.

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The Wasteland collection, which includes the Reaper Mask, Pan of Judgement, Doomsday Hoodie, and Survivalist Slacks have been selling for over $650 for the complete set on resale sites like Ebay. Individual items like the Pan of Judgement are selling for nearly $250 alone.

The items are given to those attending PGI 2018 on July 25, 26, 28, and 29. Fans are given a code for one of the four exclusive items on each day they attend. The basic solo one-day tickets costs $35, so to get the full set you would need to spend around $140. This means that resellers are making over $500 in profit for each set that they put up at the moment—or making their money back from selling a single item from the collection.

The Wasteland collection isn’t the only PGI item that is selling for megabucks, however. The PGI Ringside Set that is given to players through giveaways on social media is also selling for prices up to $60 for the full collection. The PGI Title Set, another item given away to fans who couldn’t make the show, is also selling for up to $75 online.